Automatic Suppression Systems

Automation is great!

We have automated many things, and most are great. Most automation processes are designed to save us time, effort, and especially money!

Another great automation that is a true life (and property) saver, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems. Not only the typical fire sprinklers we see in most commercial buildings (We'd like to see them in all homes too!) but the ones in restaurant kitchen hoods, in paint booths, protecting tank farms, even the specialized clean agent systems for for such places as computer data centers.

FOCUS Fire Investigations has an investigator who spent several years in his fire department's fire prevention division reviewing, inspecting, and testing the special systems in his jurisdiction. Kevin understands the ins and outs of these systems. What equipment is proper for the specific application and it's installation. How they are to be installed, and how they are NOT to be installed. And undoubtedly the most critical component... how they are to be serviced and maintained.

Most of the damage from fires involving suppression systems is from improper maintenance of the system, not the system installation itself.

Left the pipe disconnected after service

Heavy grease load and improper cleaning

Improper link placement during installation

Forgot to chamfer & glue the connection before installing