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The scales of justice is a symbol used in many Western presentations of modern law. They symbolize the fair distribution of law, without influence of bias, privilege or corruption.

" The fire started in your insured's space therefore it is your insured's fault"

An amazing statement from an investigator at one of our joint scene inspections.

Yes, the area of origin was in our insured's space and our insured had done some non-code improvements to a few electrical items, but there were so many items in that space which could have been the ignition source outside of our insured's non-code wiring, that we needed to collect all of them and hold a subsequent lab exam. We ultimately found it was the building wiring at fault. None of our insured's mis-happenings.

Go ahead, make my day

At FOCUS we will never "make your case", we will give you the most truthful answers to help you build the best case you can.

Save $$$

See both sides

Court and trial is an expensive endeavor whether you "win" or "loose".

At FOCUS Fire Investigations we will help you avoid some of the expenses of going to trial through agreements.
You and your opposing party can agree to disagree and at the same time settle the case without the expense of trial using FOCUS as an intervention. We will not pick sides, both parties agree to provide FOCUS all discoverable
and FOCUS requested information, split costs, and agree to abide by the outcome FOCUS reaches regarding the origin and cause and responsibility of an incident. We will look at the evidence from both sides and make a scientific decision regarding the case. We will not look at your emotional presentation, just the physical evidence!

At FOCUS will see both sides


Save you and your client $$$